Sub algorithms in Quantconnect LEAN

So it would be nice if LEAN supported multiple algorithms out of the box with a sort of portfolio manager but it doesn’t. So I made my own which works to my purpose.

The idea is to make a SubAlgorithm class:

  public SubAlgorithm(PortfolioAlgorithm mainalgorithm,decimal portfolioPct)
      _mainAlgorithm = mainalgorithm;
      PortfolioPct = portfolioPct;
  public virtual void Initialize()
  public virtual void OnData(TradeBars data)

You can then make a new sub algorithm deriving from this class, say a ETF rotation algorithm:

  public class ETFRotation_SubAlgorithm: SubAlgorithm
         public ETFRotation_SubAlgorithm(PortfolioAlgorithm mainalgorithm,decimal portfolioPct): base(mainalgorithm,portfolioPct)
         public override void Initialize ()
             foreach (var symbol in GrowthSymbols.Union(SafetySymbols))
                 var res = _mainAlgorithm.LiveMode ? Resolution.Minute : Resolution.Daily;
                 if (!_mainAlgorithm.Securities.ContainsKey(symbol))
                     _mainAlgorithm.AddSecurity(SecurityType.Equity, symbol, res);
                 var oneMonthPerformance = _mainAlgorithm.MOM(symbol, 30, Resolution.Daily);
                 var threeMonthPerformance = _mainAlgorithm.MOM(symbol, 90, Resolution.Daily);
                 var sd = new MeanRevertSymbolData {
                     Symbol = symbol,
                     OneMonthPerformance = oneMonthPerformance,
                     ThreeMonthPerformance = threeMonthPerformance,
                     _tradeReturns = AlgoHelper.LoadSymbolReturns (symbol),
                     _lastBuyTime = AlgoHelper.LoadSymbolBuyTime (symbol),
                 var history = _mainAlgorithm.History(symbol, 90,Resolution.Daily);
                 foreach (var bar in history) {
                     oneMonthPerformance.Update (bar.Time,bar.Close);
                     threeMonthPerformance.Update (bar.Time,bar.Close);

Our PortfolioAlgorithm is a normal algorithm but contains a list of our sub algorithms

 public class PortfolioAlgorithm: QCAlgorithm
         private readonly List<SubAlgorithm> _subAlgorithms = new List<SubAlgorithm> ();
         public PortfolioAlgorithm ()
             Test1_SubAlgorithm sub = new Test1_SubAlgorithm (this, 0.15m);
             Test2_SubAlgorithm sub2 = new Test2_SubAlgorithm (this, 0.10m);
             Test3_SubAlgorithm sub3 = new Test3_SubAlgorithm (this, 0.30m);
             Test4_SubAlgorithm sub4 = new Test4_SubAlgorithm (this, 0.15m);
             Test5_SubAlgorithm sub5 = new Test5_SubAlgorithm (this, 0.15m);
             Test6_SubAlgorithm sub6 = new Test6_SubAlgorithm (this, 0.10m);
             _subAlgorithms.Add (sub);
             _subAlgorithms.Add (sub2);
             _subAlgorithms.Add (sub3);
             _subAlgorithms.Add (sub4);
             _subAlgorithms.Add (sub5);
             _subAlgorithms.Add (sub6);
         public override void Initialize ()
             SetStartDate(2015, 01, 15);  //Set Start Date
             SetEndDate(2015,06, 01);    //Set End Date
             SetCash(100000);             //Set Strategy Cash
             foreach (var sub in _subAlgorithms) {
                 sub.Initialize ();
         public void OnData(TradeBars data)
             foreach (var sub in _subAlgorithms) {
                 sub.OnData (data);


Voila! Now we can add all the sub algorithms we want and it does work both in backtesting and live.

How to optimize the portfolio percentage of each sub algorithm is a good question. Making it dynamic is probably the best.

Currently I am testing this with a mean reversion algorithm, three ETF rotation algorithms, a xiv/vxx algorithm and a buy-and-hold hedge algorithm.


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